We called our first beer Pils rather than Pilsner, to honor the German Brewing Heritage of Brewmaster Wieland.  Studying his craft in Germany helped him appreciate the extra steps required to create a quality beer.

We chose to include the Surveyors Benchmark symbol as its recognized around the world as a quality starting point for your work, meaning all our future beers have to be of the same or a higher quality as our first.

Our Benchmark Pils has been crafted using carefully selected ingredients:

Filtered Water, Canadian Pilsner malt, U.S. Magnum, German Perle and Canadian Triple Perle hops, Traditional German lager yeast resulting in a beer with a

ABV of 5% and a IBU of 20

  • Canadian Pilsner malt provides the perfect background with its slightly sweet, lightly grainy bread like flavour.
  • We chose a mix of traditional German Perle Hops and modern Canadian Triple Perle hops.  Perle is the most common hop grown in Germany and its common aroma and flavour descriptors are floral and spice including mint.  Triple Perle is a modern hop variety developed in the US from Perle. Flavor descriptors include melon, orange, pine, spice, and pepper.
  • Traditional German lager yeast ensures a beer that is crisp, clean, and refreshing overall.